What is SEO?


SEO stands for – Search Engine Marketing. SEO is all about optimising your site for terms and phrases (keywords) that generate traffic to your website, to making your site friendly to search engines, to building links and marketing the unique value of your site.

No need get frustrated we are with you. Let’s try to find few answers about few things.

Why my website needs SEO?

There are tonnes of people searching online for products, services and information on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. There is a huge potential for your business, millions of customers are searching exactly for your service or products. If people are not able to find you when they search for products or service you are doing a huge loss.

So why your website needs SEO, because your website deserves to stand out in competition and your business needs get visible to search engines.

Why can’t the search engines figure out my site without SEO?

There are can many reasons, but yes all reason will be related to SEO. Search engines are smart enough to understand your website, but still, it needs extra help to understand it. We will need to help search engine crawlers to pick up right information and incorrect manner.

Plus there are few technical standards for a website which we will need to follow them strongly. This built trust on search engines helps them to recognise well. We will talk on each of the topics in coming sections.

Search queries—the words that users type into the search box—carry extraordinary value. Statics has shown that search engine traffic can make (or break) an organization’s success. Targeted traffic to a website can provide publicity, revenue, and exposure like no other channel of marketing. Investing in SEO can have an exceptional rate of return compared to other types of marketing and promotion.

Can I do SEO for myself?

SEO is complex, but most people can easily understand the basics. Even a small amount of knowledge can make a big difference.

All that matter is your time commitment, your willingness to learn, and the complexity of your website(s), you may decide you need an expert to handle things for you.


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