What Is Latent Semantic Indexing? How to Find LSI Keywords?


Today, I will walk you through a very important part of SEO called LSI (latent semantic indexing keyword).

LSI is a part of Google algorithm. Google has its own word cloud to understand the topic and content on the site.

LSI is a method to determine the relationship between terms and concept in content.

What is LSI Keyword?

LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is an alternative term for synonyms or similar words used by Google.

For example, if the title of your page is “Family Dentistry”, the search engine would expect to find words relating to that subject in the content of the page as well, i.e. “tooth”, “fillings”, “dentist”, “sedation” and “patient”.

Why Google use LSI?

For example, if your page is about McDonald Cafe.

Will Google be able to understand whether you are taking about McDonald Cafe or McDonald Rhymes?

Yes, Google will be able to understand it.


Let’s discuss,

How will Google distinguish between McDonald Restaurant and McDonald Farm Rhymes?

If “restaurant” word is on a web page, according to Google it should also include words like menus, food, price, ingredients. Means all the words related to the restaurant.

If “rhymes” word is on the web page, Google will look for words like kids, children, poems, school etc.

Google has its own word cloud with synonyms of words, plurals forms and similar words based on topics and concepts and this is how to Google distinguish between different topics based on same words.

So LSI is very important part of the content as if you avoid to include words that Google is looking for, Google won’t think it as legitimate content and won’t help you to rank it.

Google mainly carried out this to fight spammers trying to cheat the search engine by using keyword stuffing.

LSI also deals with search relevancy. Including LSI keywords with main keywords is SEO friendly.

In earlier days, search engines used the exact search query to get results. The content synonymically linked to the search query, are also returned.


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