What is Content Marketing?


You have been hearing a lot about content marketing, but people always have the question about what content marketing is and the BIG QUESTION How to do it?

Let’s try to understand What is content marketing?

Content marketing means distributing your content in a strategic way by sharing valuable and relevant content that attracts the defined audience.

There is no direct marketing involved in content marketing, content marketing is done to educate people or to make aware of something in your niche. Content marketing doesn’t have the direct effect, it has indirect effects.

Let me answer your second question: How to do content marketing?

First: You will need content

You will need a detailed analysis of what your targeted audience is searching or what information they are looking for. For this, you need to do some exercise,

— Brainstorming
Start thinking as a customer, try to know what you would do before buying the product/service that you are selling.
And note down all the points that come ups.

— Analysis
Do some search on google as a customer to find information that you have noted down while brainstorming.

While searching on google you will come across blogs and forums. Go through it and this will give you an exact idea of what people are searching and asking for.

— Topics
As you know what people need to know before buying the product in your niche. Create content based on it and mention indirectly in your article or just to make aware that you sell that product or your product has the solution for the problem that customer is facing. Do not indulge in the direct promotion.

Content can be in any form,
— Articles
— Videos
— Podcast
— Web pages
— Infographics
— Books

Second: Sharing Content

Again this is a difficult and strategic approach. You will need to figure out where you will find your targeted customer or places where people are finding their solutions and distribute your content over there.

Few of the channels that you can use are
— Facebook
— Instagram
— Youtube
— Forums
— LinkedIn
— Medium


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