How to become an SEO Expert?


Expert…. Strategist…. Specialist sounds great to you right??

To be in that position needs a lot and lot of efforts.
Here are simple steps that can help you to reach from SEO executive to SEO Strategist.

A journey from SEO Executive to SEO Strategist is going to be a fun and challenging, but we will need to start at one point right??

Here are the

10 things follow to become an SEO Experts:

Step 1: Before starting SEO try to understand the business and its product/service in detail.

I am in this industry since 2012, I have seen that very few SEO people take an effort to understand the business of their client or for whom they are working.

Here is what I do when I start with any project.

First thing, I use to ask each and every material they have related to their business like a brochure, product catalog, USP’s, companies history, vision, mission, their targeted audience & future plans.

Then I do a research based on the service/product they sell, make a comparison with other similar business in the market.

Based on research I draft questionnaire for the things I want to know more. Yes, it might take a few meetings and few cycles to thoroughly understand their business.

Step 2: Keyword Analysis

Once I finish my first step, I start with keyword analysis, which is going to give me a clear idea about people searching on search engines (like google, bing and other) regarding that product.

Keyword analysis is not about choosing phrases and ranking. It is about understanding intent and finding opportunities which are going to help us to get relevant traffic on the website by ranking those keywords.

Step 3: Choosing the Right Keywords

Based on the keyword list, you will need to fine tune the list and will need to choose the right keywords which are easy to rank and again (do not forget) which is going to bring relevant traffic.

When you start SEO of website go with a long tail and untapped keywords.

After ranking those keywords, you can start adding new keywords gradually.

Step 4: Thoroughly understanding of how search engines work.

If you want to get success in SEO, you will need to understand how search engines work. For that, you will need to understand different Google algorithms and how they work and the purpose of each algorithm.

Search Engines algorithm doesn’t have any rocket science, it’s very logical and works as per the real world marketing.

Once you understand referencing and networking fundamentals of marketing, it will be effortless to understand search engines.

Step 5: Choose the right SEO Training

SEO can be learned by yourself through videos and blogs available on the internet and then experimenting what you have learned.

Yes, but you will need to make sure the SEO Training Course that you are flowing is updated one with the latest strategies. Because you might find articles and videos that have been uploaded way back and might be outdated.

If you want to go for classroom training, then make sure the trainer has enough experience to be your mentor.

Step 6: Stay informed about SEO changes

SEO is a field where you will see constant changes, there are regular, or I might say daily changes.

To stay updated you can refer,,, and more websites where people use to talk about new updates, changes and strategies.

Step 7: Choose the Right SEO Tools

There are lots of tools available related to keyword analysis, content analysis, competitor analysis, competitor backlink analysis and more. But you will need to choose the right tools because there many tools that don’t have enough data to show, that will lead you to misleading data and ultimately your SEO strategy.

Step 8: Practice it a lot

SEO is not a theory that you can go with, but it’s a practical thing where you experiment and learn.

So you can create some testing websites where you write a blog and do your experiments. Do not hesitate to invest in a blog as it the best way to learn SEO.

Step 9: Contribute to society to demonstrate your expertise

Learn and share your experience, by doing so you will create your own identity in the market. Sharing knowledge is the proof that you are an expert.

You can contribute to the society by educating them about SEO through blogs, videos, images, webinar etc.

Step 10: Follow the leads of established SEO Experts

There are many well versed experienced people who share their knowledge related to SEO. Follow their leads, try to implement what they say, analyze the outcome and learn from it.

I hope these steps will help you to lead the path to expertise.


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Abbas Kapasi Founder of INAAX Digital Marketing Company. He is Google certified professional. He has helped 100+ brands & companies in increasing their revenue through Digital Marketing.

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