8 reasons to redesign your website


A Website is a tool or we can say a medium through which we can do marketing of our business online.
A Website is like a sales person who promotes our business 24/7 throughout the year. It helps your prospective customers to find your company on the internet.
So to make the best out of online opportunities available for your business, you must update your site in accordance with changes in website design trends and technology.
It’s a digital era, whenever people need any information about a company, product or services, they first check their website and try to get all the information they need. So our first impression is been created from the website before they approach us.
It is very much necessary to have our website update to date, with new design trends, structure and content.

I have been providing website development services since 2008, I have framed this points based on my past experience. Hope this points will help you to make decision whether your website needs redesigning or not

Is your website mobile-friendly?
According to a recent report by Google, nearly 60% of Google searches are done from mobile devices. So it is very much evitable to have a mobile friendly website.
As per the new update from google, they are giving much more importance to mobile friendly websites.
If your website is not responsive, then there are obvious chances to loss leads and hence customers.
As the website trends are changing people want to have great user experience on their mobile devices if they don’t get good experience visitors will leave the websites within 10 secs.

Has the purpose of your website changed?
At begin, when we start a business, it happens our focus on particular services or products, later on, there are possibilities we change our focus/target.
In such cases, we develop our website and content accordingly, when we change our focus, we will need some revamping/redesigning your website.

Does your website look outdated?
Website design trends have changed a lot in last few years. If your website was designed before 6-7 years, that it is sure that your website looks outdated.
As we get ready from head-to-toe, before going for any business meeting, conference or to meet clients, just to impress them, the same way you need your website to be ready from head-to-toe. Because it will be meeting thousands of people daily. This is the question to every owner, would not like to have your website look good, with new designing trends.
According to the survey, clients have a tendency to trust more on websites.

Do you need your website to revamp?

Does your website take too much time to load?
Site speed? Yes, it’s is a very important factor to consider. Lots visitors will leave a site that takes more than 3 seconds.
Even google algorithm takes web page speed as an important factor to rank a website.
A website that loads fast, tends to give good user experience. If your site is not loading fast take it seriously.

Is the website clutter with more content?
Many times I find websites that are clutter with lots of information and links all over.
Such kind of things makes harder for visitors to find information what they are looking for. Website structure and content should be such that, visitors should not have to take stress to find information.
Content should be brief and to the point, landing pages can showcase supplementary details that a user may be interested in and may find significant as they move further down the funnel.
Your website does not reflect the expansion of your capabilities and offering.
As time goes and business expands, business owners need to update the website with new features, offering or services. It’s often, we do not have our website keeping in mind future expansion as many things are uncertain in business.
The only choice is to redesign your website, as you want your visitors to be updated with services and offerings you provide.

You want to improve conversion rate on the website.
The ultimate goal of any website is conversion, conversion forms can leads, sales, subscription for newsletter, views etc.
For conversion optimization, you will need some redesigning on your website on regular basis. You will also need A/B testing for it, so to do this you will a website structure that is flexible enough to inherit all the changes you want.

Are you planning to incorporate a better content strategy?
Content is an essential thing that you will need to improve everything from client retention to SEO. Search engines algorithms keep on changing, so if you are planning to make huge changes in content strategy, revamping your website seems to be a wise option.


A website is meant to bring business, if this goal is not fulfilled, then it’s time to find reasons and make required changed even if they come with some cost. If you are planning to make an investment in revamping your website, it will turn out to be a huge loss.

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